The Scents

The best perfumers in the world have brought together an exceptional selection of scents just for you, made up of 16 bases and 18 accords that will give each of your creations its own character and uniqueness.

The scents can be purchased in individual 20 ml cartridges that you can load in the basket of your Scent Creator. Combine up to 12 of them at the same time and use the app to adjust their proportions and produce high-quality custom fragrances.

Aren’t you sure about which Scent Cartridges to choose? Choose one of our Sets of Scents or try our test to get a personal recommendation based on your preferences.


The best way to start

In order to guide you in the art of perfume creation, our perfumers have developed three sets of Scent Cartridges. Each one of them includes a range of bases and accords that will allow you to explore the different olfactory families.

The Essential Six is the perfect selection to get started while the Master Eighteen is the set for those who want a wider variety of scents. The Scent Cartridges included in the Essential Six and the Master Eighteen combine perfectly between them!

For those who want to have it all, we also offer the Deluxe Thirty-four that includes the full scent library of The Alchemist Atelier.

Choose the perfect set for you and get started with the art of perfume creation.

The Essential Six
The Essential Six
105,00 99,00 €
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The Master Eighteen
The Master Eighteen
321,00 290,00 €
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The Deluxe Thirty-Four
The Deluxe Thirty-Four
598,00 525,00 €
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The Essential Six

The Essential Six is the perfect initiation kit to explore the art of perfume creation from home with the Scent Creator. It includes three bases (Fresh Wood, Mysterious Oriental, and Exotic Floral) and three accords (Marine Breeze, Bergamot Citrus, and Soft Musk).

This kit covers the predominant olfactory families to create your first perfumes and fall in love with the art of perfume making.

105,00 99,00 €

More about the scent cartridges

Innovative inside and out, our capsules are made of 92% recycled plastic, each containing 20 ml of scent in an Eau de Parfum composition.

At The Alchemist Atelier, we’re committed to sustainability, which is why we have a cartridge recycling program. By returning your cartridges to us, you’ll therefore guarantee their responsible recycling. 

Remember to recycle your packaging.

How does it work?

Load up to 12 scent cartridges into your Scent Creator basket and combine them with millimetric precision using the revolutionary visualization tools in The Alchemist Atelier app.

These tools - the Scent Wheel and the Scent Visualizer - will guide and inspire you throughout the creative process, giving your personalized perfumes the subtlest of nuances.

Getting Started

Choose the scents you like best to start creating personalized fragrances within minutes. If you prefer, you can also take our digital quiz and let one of our perfumers make a selection to suit your tastes.

To discover our full range of scents, we recommend you purchase the Discovery Kit, a library of 3 ml samples with which you can smell and explore all our bases and accords.


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