Step 1 - Configure the device

Choose the color
Choose the front cover
Teak - Oak Teak - Zebrawood Teak - Teak Teak - Dark Teak
Dark Teak - Oak Dark Teak - Zebrawood Dark Teak - Teak Dark Teak - Dark Teak
Zebrawood - Oak Zebrawood - Zebrawood Zebrawood - Teak Zebrawood - Dark Teak
Oak - Oak Oak - Zebrawood Oak - Teak Oak - Dark Teak
350,00 €

Pay in 6 installments starting at 58,33 € / month.

Step 2 - Choose your Scent Cartridges

The Alchemist Atelier Scent Library is divided into 16 bases and 18 accords.

The best way to start:

Our perfumers recommend you one of the following sets: The Essential Six and the Master Eighteenth are two versatile sets carefully selected by our perfumers whereas the Deluxe Thirty-four includes the full permanent range of 34 Scents of The Alchemist Atelier.

Do you want something more personal?

Choose your favorite scents manually.

Try our Cartridge Selector

Dare to try unexpected combinations. The Scents have been designed to combine with each other. The only limit is your imagination!  

Step 3 - Accessories (Optional)

To get started creating fragrances with the Scent Creator, we recommend the Discovery Kit, a complete scent library with 3 ml samples that will allow you to smell and fully explore our range of 34 bases and accords.

*The samples included in the Discovery Kit are not compatible with the Scent Creator. You will need to use the Scent Cartridges to create perfumes.

Get the following benefits when buying your Scent Creator

Free Online unlimited and private perfumer consultations

Exclusive access to special gifts and events

Free delivery and unconditional 30-days return policy

Financing Plan 0%

Cartridges Recycling Program

Further information about the Scent Creator

Its elegant design and customizable options will make your Scent Creator perfectly match your home decor, allowing you to create high-quality perfumes in minutes. Thanks to its innovative technology, you can design fragrances that suit your mood or awaken sensations never before experienced when you give them as gifts.


Width 21.9 cm; depth 21.9 cm; height 33.3 cm.

Remember to recycle your packaging.

How it Works

Control your Scent Creator through our exclusive app, which will allow you to blend up to 12 individual scents at the same time, thus creating high-quality, personalized fragrances.



With the purchase of your Scent Creator, you can enjoy an online workshop which will be led by our expert perfumers.

In addition, we invite you to be part of our exclusive TAA Club, so you can ask our perfumers all the questions you want – free of charge – and have access to special events and gifts.

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