Welcome to the fifth session!

How to make bespoke perfumes

Thanks to the knowledge acquired during this course and the access to the best raw materials and innovative tools, it is possible to create your own unique fragrances.

This is the moment for you to put into practice everything you have learned during the previous sessions!

Now, what is next?

Now that you have the essential knowledge about perfumery, you are ready to create your own perfume. At The Alchemist Atelier, we offer you access to the best ingredients and the most intuitive technology to make it possible.

The best range of ingredients

The Scent Library of The Alchemist Atelier gathers 36 unique blends using top-quality ingredients. It is entirely up to you to choose which scents to use and adjust them with precision through the mobile app.

Innovative technology to make it easy

The intuitive app helps you choose and visualise each one of the ingredients to add to your perfume. Once you have found your perfect match, you simply need to order your formula or blend it if you have access to a Scent Creator.

Choose the best option for you and create your perfume.

Either if you are sure about which ingredients to use for your perfect perfume, or you want to keep learning about perfumery, or you want to create a new fragrance every day, The Alchemist Atelier has the perfect option for you:

Option 1: Create and order your perfume through the app

Download The Alchemist Atelier free app, choose which scents to add to your perfume and adjust the proportions. If you need additional help, the virtual assistant is there for you 24/7.

Your Bespoke Perfume starting at 49.00 EUR

Option 2: Book an Online Experience

Book an Online Session with one of our perfumers and keep learning about perfumery in a 1-to-1 session dedicated to you. Together, you will create the perfect perfume for you based on your favourite ingredients and with the perfumer's advice.

Your Online Experience starting at 69.00 EUR

Option 3: Create perfumes with your Scent Creator

If you dream about creating different perfumes for any mood or occasion or even giving them to friends and relatives as unique gifts, the Scent Creator is the perfect solution.

Your Scent Creator for 350 EUR and Sets of Scent Cartridges starting at 99.00 EUR