Data Protection Policy


Identity: NOUSTIQUE PERFUMES, SL. (“The Alchemist Atelier”)

Apdo. 3114 ; 08080; Barcelona (Spain)

Tel.: +34 938 338 209

Data Protection Officer: [email protected]



THE ALCHEMIST ATELIER may obtain personal data if you are a customer of any of our products, a user of our App, or have merely shown an interest in our company through one of the forms available on our website or any of our physical point of sales. To complete registration, you may also voluntarily answer a survey to inform us of your consumer habits and to send you proposals that are more in line with your tastes.  In these cases, the personal data processed is that which you have provided voluntarily either during the registration process, when completing your registration, or on any of the forms on our website or in any of our physical point of sales.

If you are a user of our App, and only where you give us authorisation to do so, we may also process the data provided from the mobile device on which you use the App (geographic location, agenda, etc.). 

Our services are not available to minors under the age of 14.



Why do we use your data?


Customer and user data. 

  1. Website contact form: the personal data gathered from this form will only be used to deal with the enquiries made and, where requested, to manage the calendar of personalised visits to any of our stores.
  1. App users: the personal data gathered when you register with our App will only be used to permit its use. In addition, where you have given authorisation to do so, we may use the data and information generated when using the App to offer you products and services from THE ALCHEMIST ATELIER that suit your tastes or preferences.
  1. Customers: should you purchase any of our products, we will only use your address details to arrange delivery of these products to your home.
  1. Participants in any of our experiences: should you participate in any of our experiences offered regularly, we will ask for your personal contact details to ensure your participation and later follow-up on your experience, also to keep you updated about news related to our activity.


Employee and applicant data.

  1. Data from applicants for vacancies at THE ALCHEMIST ATELIER: should you send us your CV or have a job interview at our offices, you data will be used to cover any vacancies in our company. If you are appointed, your personal data will only be used to manage the working relationship with THE ALCHEMIST ATELIER.


For how long do we keep your data?

The data you provide in order to be able to use our App will be processed by THE ALCHEMIST ATELIER, provided that you do not expressly request cancellation of the services. Should you purchase a product, your personal data will be kept to cover our accounting and tax liabilities, along with any others arising from the sale of consumer goods.  In the case we have obtained your email by means of any registration method different but in sync with the app, your personal data will be kept for one year in our database, unless you confirm your register by downloading and logging the app.

Where you have given us authorisation to send you promotions from THE ALCHEMIST ATELIER in line with your preferences, we will process this data until you revoke or withdraw your consent.

In terms of employment data, this will be processed for as long as said relationship remains valid and, once ended, for the time necessary to respond to any breaches in this area. Where you have sent us your CV or have had an interview for a job vacancy, your personal data will be filed for one year, after which it will be deleted from our systems unless you have been selected.



The legal grounds for being able to process your personal data for use of the App and web or to send promotions based on your consumer habits will be your consent.

If you have purchased a product from THE ALCHEMIST ATELIER, the legal grounds for processing will be compliance with the contractual relationship.

If you have participated in any of our experiences, the legal ground for processing will be to follow-up your experience based on the legitimate interest of THE ALCHEMIST ATELIER.

The personal data relating to our employees will be processed to comply with the contractual relationship.



Transfer of data to third parties

THE ALCHEMIST ATELIER will never transfer your personal data to third parties, except where there is a law that compels us to do so.



Customer and user data.

  • Identification data (forename, surnames).
  • Contact data (e-mail, telephone number, address).
  • Consumer habits.
  • Geographic location.
  • Occasionally, data related to allergies to certain perfume ingredients you might have provided.
  • In case of any event organized by THE ALCHEMIST ATELIER and just if you have given authorization for that, we might process your image or recording for internal or promotion purposes.


Employee and applicant data.

  • Professional experience.
  • Education.



You are entitled to:

  • Withdraw your consent for the processing of your data.
  • Access the personal data.
  • Rectify the personal data.
  • Erase the personal data.
  • File a claim or a petition for the protection of your rights with the Spanish Data Protection Agency or with the regional data protection agency, where applicable.
  • Be informed of any security incident that might affect your rights.
  • Restrict processing.
  • Portability.