Our story

At The Alchemist Atelier, we speak perfume. We’ve combined decades of expertise of world-class perfumers with innovative technology to create a brand new concept in personal fragrances.

The world's best perfumers and the latest technology

Our brand comes from the collaboration of three innovative companies: fragrance start-up Noustique, global appliance manufacturer BSH, and premium fragrance house, PUIG.

The goal of Noustique is to redefine perfume creation, making it possible for anyone to create their own unique fragrance at home. This idea focuses on an at-home Scent Creator – a machine developed by BSH – as well as the highest quality ingredients and perfumery expertise provided by PUIG.

This innovative system will allow perfume lovers everywhere to blend bespoke fragrances, with the only limit being their imaginations. In the spirit of collaboration, The Alchemist Atelier will also nurture an online community – a space where people from across the world can come together, share knowledge, insights and inspiration and enrich the process of fragrance creation.

Our name

Evoking images of magic, creativity and precious ingredients, our name was inspired by the ancient study of alchemy, which dates back at least 2,500 years. The age-old practice originally aimed to purify, mature and perfect certain objects, for example, turning base metals into gold. Today, we’re continuing the tradition, turning precious ingredients into unique fragrances. The Alchemist Atelier gives people a personal workshop filled with everything they need to experiment and create their signature scents – and perhaps their own secret formula.

Our flagship

At our Paris flagship atelier, our workshops unlock the secrets of perfumery through our simple yet sophisticated language of scents.

We created The Alchemist Atelier because we believe in bringing the world of fragrance to the people, letting those who have loved it from afar get hands-on, just as they would with other art forms.

We believe in the power of fragrance to create memories and evoke emotions. We want to awaken people’s senses through the fragrances that they themselves have created.