Creating your bespoke perfume online has never been so easy!

Take part of this 30-minute online session and let our perfumers guide you in the process of creating your signature fragrance using visual and intuitive tools. If you want to either evoke a happy olfactory memory or use specific ingredients, this session will help you to reach the exact result that you want!

Details about the session

During the session, you will have access to The Alchemist Atelier app to help you visualize the fragrance you are creating. Thanks to this tool, choosing the ingredients developed by top perfumers and adjusting the proportions will be easy and fun!

Duration: 30 minutes

Languages: English or French

Price: 69.00 EUR

Format: 20 ml

(If you do not like the fragrance received we will rework it again at no extra cost).

How does it work?

STEP 1: Click "BUY NOW" and immediately after the purchase you will receive an email to book your session with a perfumer. 

STEP 2: 10 minutes before the session, you will receive on your email a link to join the session.

STEP 3: During the session, the perfumer will guide you through the creative process to design your own formula.

STEP 4: The perfumer will create the fragrance using his Scent Creator and you will receive one perfume in 20ml format.