The at-home perfume lab

The Scent Creator is an elegant device with a minimalist aesthetic that allows you to design custom fragrances at home. Load it with up to twelve 20-ml scent cartridges and start exploring the endless possibilities for blending fragrances. Your perfume will be ready in just a few minutes.

324.00 GBP

Pay in 6 installments starting at 54 GBP / month

Make your own perfumes

The best perfumers in the world have joined forces with the most innovative technology to revolutionize the process of making perfumes. The result is the Scent Creator, a device that allows anybody, anywhere to become a designer and create high-quality personalized perfumes.

Release your creativity with a new fragrance every day

The idea of designing a perfume every day to suit your mood, match your outfit or wear to a special event used to be wishful thinking. Now, though, perfume lovers can create a unique blend any day they like, making their everyday life a bit more magical.

Blend the finest ingredients in endless combinations

Backed by decades worth of experience, world-class perfumers have brought together The Alchemist Atelier’s scent library. This exclusive collection has 34 samples that you can buy in 20-ml cartridges and blend together with surprising precision.

Scent Sets starting at 102.00 GBP

Watch your formula turn into perfume

Use The Alchemist Atelier app for an intuitive experience blending various scents, drop by drop. Then select your sample format (5 or 20 ml) and watch the magic unfold as your formula becomes an exclusive perfume in just seconds. It's that easy and fun to create fragrances with The Scent Creator.

Share your passion

Surprise your friends and family with the gift of a personalized fragrance or, if you like, invite them to participate in the creative process. We're convinced it will be an unforgettable experience. What better way to spend a rainy afternoon at home, for example?

The perfect gift for any perfume lover

The Scent Creator is the perfect gift for any perfume enthusiast since it allows them to explore, perfect and enjoy their passion for the world of fragrances.
If you love perfumery or know someone who dreams of creating exclusive fragrances, the Scent Creator is the perfect gift to set up an atelier at home.

“The Scent Creator takes care of materializing your olfactory dreams. Choose your scents and the device will mix them together.”

“A totally immersive experience based on the same principle of a social network. Share your formulas or keep them secret.”

“Too much cedar wood, less jasmine? Don’t panic! Alchemist perfumers can guide you anytime on the phone!”

“The Scent Creator, a small device with a sleek design that assembles our creations, drop by drop, in just two minutes.”