The Scent Creator: Your at-home perfume lab

The Scent Creator is an elegant device with a minimalist aesthetic that allows you to design custom fragrances at home. Load it with up to twelve 20-ml scent cartridges and start exploring the endless possibilities for blending fragrances. Your perfume will be ready in just a few minutes.

350.00 EUR

Pay in 6 installments starting at 58,33 EUR / month

Perfume making in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Choose your ingredients

Select the bases and accords you’ll use to create your custom formula. These scents, which have been carefully selected by expert perfumers, are purchased in individual 20 ml cartridges, and up to 12 of them can be placed in the basket of your Scent Creator.

Step 2: Adjust the proportions

Use your Scent Creator and The Alchemist Atelier app to combine the bases and accords that will make up your personalized perfume. Enjoy experimenting and fine-tuning each of the scents with the app’s innovative display tools and design high-quality fragrances.

Step 3: Smell your perfume

Once you’ve decided on the combination, make a sample and evaluate the result. You can continue experimenting and making all the adjustments you want until you find a formula that really speaks to you. When you have it exactly the way you want it, it’s time to extract your fragrance and enjoy wearing it or gifting it to someone. Share your creations through the app with our online community of perfume lovers.

Step 4: Start again!

Make perfumes that suit your mood, change with the seasons and even match your outfit. In short, enjoy this exciting creative process while designing fragrances that channel you or that generate unique sensations when you gift them.

This is how the Scent Creator works:

The most innovative technology and the knowledge of the best perfumers in the world have worked hand in hand to simplify what until now had been a highly technical process. That’s how we came up with the  Scent Creator, a must-have for perfume lovers that allows anyone anywhere to create exclusive fragrances and experience the most exciting part of the process.

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Explore the Scents: The finest ingredients in endless combinations

The best perfumers in the world have brought together an exceptional selection of scents just for you, made up of 16 bases and 18 accords that will give each of your creations its own character and uniqueness.

The scents can be purchased in individual 20 ml cartridges that you can load in the basket of your Scent Creator. Combine up to 12 of them at the same time and adjust their proportions through the app to produce high-quality custom fragrances.

Scent Sets starting at 99.00 EUR

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The canvas where you sketch out your fragrance

These scents are literally the ‘base’ of your future composition. They are the perfect creative canvas, as they’re not dominated by any specific ingredient or particular note. The bases are balanced formulas that will allow your fragrances to develop perfectly over time, from the first impression of the top notes, passing through the ‘heart’ notes, and finally to the long-lasting base notes. 

They can be matched with accords or with each other. Our experts recommend using 1 or 2 bases and pairing them with 2 or 3 accords. In perfume creation, as in any other art, the only limit is your imagination.

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The secret of a unique creation

Our accords allow you to create and develop any fragrance you can imagine, offering it the nuances you want. They have been carefully designed to complement our bases and give your perfume personality.

The accords are less complex compositions than the bases and present a purer principal ingredient. They are used to accentuate a scent’s specific olfactory aspect, emphasizing the top note, heart or base note.

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A revolutionary way to create fragrances

The Alchemist Atelier app is a space to learn, experiment and create. Explore our cherished ingredients and all their possible combinations using two revolutionary fragrance visualization systems.

Scent Visualizer

Our exclusive Scent Visualizer is a highly intuitive system that allows you to visually interpret how your perfume will smell, since the size of each ingredient represents its true intensity. If, while making a sample, you find the result not exactly what you were looking for, you can return to the Scent Visualizer to make all the necessary adjustments until you find your perfect combination.  

Scent Wheel

Designed in collaboration with our master perfumers, the Scent Wheel will guide you through the entire process of calibrating and combining bases and accords to create high-quality fragrances. With it you will be able to know the structure of your perfume in detail, its olfactory family, the intensity of each note and whether it is a top note, heart or base note.

A new way of understanding perfume creation

Discover two revolutionary visualization tools in our app, keep track of all your experiments, save your master formulas and connect with alchemists from around the world by joining our vibrant online community.


Produced by hand and with the finest finishes, our accessories are inspired by nature and provide the perfect complement to the unique perfumes you create in your home.

Small Bottle Holder

Organize and display your personalized creations in this elegant custom-made wooden holder to hold 3 bottles of 5 or 20 ml.

Big Bottle Holder

If you’re someone who never gets tired of experimenting, use this smooth wooden case to store up to 6 exclusive perfumes in bottles of 5 or 20 ml.

Wooden Bottle Case 20ml

This elegant wooden case with gold accents is the perfect container to transport your scents comfortably, as well as to dress up one of the most magical gifts possible.

Want to know more?

Book one of our online experiences to get started in the exciting world of perfumery. Discover all the scents, let yourself be guided by our perfumers, and create unique fragrances as you learn all the secrets of the Scent Creator.

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“The Scent Creator takes care of materializing your olfactory dreams. Choose your scents and the device will mix them together.”

“A totally immersive experience based on the same principle of a social network. Share your formulas or keep them secret.”

“Too much cedar wood, less jasmine? Don’t panic! Alchemist perfumers can guide you anytime on the phone!”

“The Scent Creator, a small device with a sleek design that assembles our creations, drop by drop, in just two minutes.”