1. What is the Alchemist Atelier?

The Alchemist Atelier is a different kind of perfume brand. Instead of creating perfumes for you, we teach you how to make your own! We’ve combined decades of expertise and worked together with world-class perfumers and innovative technology to create a brand-new concept in personal fragrances.

Our exclusive Scent Creator allows you to blend and create your own signature fragrances anywhere, turning fragrance lovers everywhere into fragrance creators through our instructive app.

We are also a creative community – teaching, sharing and learning from each other and connecting creative perfume alchemists everywhere.

2. Who is the Alchemist Atelier for?

Anyone and everyone! You don’t have to be a perfume expert, just bring your enthusiasm and creativity and we’ll guide you. For anyone who likes perfume, and who loves being individual and expressing themselves.

3. How does it work?

It’s brilliantly simple. You select bases and accords from our library of scents, and combine them to create your own personal fragrance using our app and exclusive Scent Creator. Wear it, share it, do it again!

4. What does the Alchemist Atelier provide?

Apart from the expertise of the brilliant perfume alchemists in our atelier, we provide carefully curated base and accord scents blended by perfume experts, our exclusive Scent Creator machine, and all the accessories you need for your bespoke personal fragrance.

5. How can it be so easy to make a perfume?

Nobody said it was easy! But we have done the hard work for you, working with world-class expert perfumers to create a library of carefully curated bases and accords that form the foundation and flair of your scent. You get to skip straight to the fun, creative part! You’re welcome.

6. How can i be sure i will like what i create?

It’s hard to make something that doesn’t smell good. Our scents are carefully curated, and we give you the knowledge and the tools to understand the structure of fragrance. By using our app, you can see how your perfume will smell, and then make a sample. If you don’t love it, you can fine tune it, making even tiny adjustments to make sure it’s exactly as you want it. Wear it, share it, do it again!

7. What is the quality of the fragrances I create?

Your fragrance will be a professional, luxury quality Eau de Parfum, but better, because it will be your very own totally unique recipe.

8. How many fragrances can I make?

With our Scent Creator you can create as many as you want! The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild! Create fragrances to suit your mood, for every season or as unique gifts for extra special occasions.

9. What are bases and accords?

Your perfume creations are made from bases and accords. Bases are the foundation of your perfume. Complex blends combining ingredients to form delicious bases for you to choose from, such as Zesty Citrus, Vibrant Wood, Blooming Floral or Sweet Oriental.

You then add as many accords as you want, to give your fragrance a truly distinctive flair. Each accord is a blend of selected ingredients with a more individual scent, such as Cut Green Grass, Orange blossom Floral, Bergamot Citrus or Sensual Leather.

10. How many scents can I blend?

You can choose as many bases and accords as you want – the Scent Creator can blend from up to 12 cartridges. Our perfumers recommend 1 or 2 bases, and 2-3 accords for a balanced fragrance, but it’s up to you!

11. Who are the noses behind the scents?

We worked with some of the world’s most experienced and sought-after perfumers including Fanny Bal, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, and Nicolas Beaulieu from IFF. Thanks to their expertise to curate a scent library, to make your job easier.

12. Are they all eau de parfum?


13. How does the scent creator work?

The Scent Creator works with our app. You load it with scent cartridges and use the app to programme the exact amount of each scent you want to use.

The machine doses the scents by drops and serves up your creation in seconds, in sample size or 5 ml and 20 ml.

14. What are the cartridges?

The cartridges are 20ml of pure scent. Each base or accord comes in its own individual cartridge, and the Scent Creator extracts them by drop and blends them into your mix.

15. What are the bottle sizes? How much is it possible to blend?

You can blend as much as you want of your fragrance, but our bottles come in 5ml and 20ml sizes, to try or to take with you everywhere!

16. How long does it take to blend?

The machine takes minutes, or even seconds to blend your perfume, depending on it’s complexity. How long you spend perfecting the formula is up to you!

17. What's in the Alchemist Atelier App?

What isn’t? Your app controls your Scent Creator, helps you fine tune your fragrance, visualizes your scent using our exclusive tools, keeps track of all your scent experiments and triumphs and connects you with an online community of other perfume alchemists sharing their formulas.

18. Can I buy the Scent Creator? Which countries?

Online sales are available in France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

19. Can I recreate a perfume?

Of course! All your formulas are stored on your profile on our APP, and you can recreate them at the touch of a button – or make tiny adjustments and alterations.

20. Are there pre-existing formulas I can use?

Our archive of fragrances is growing all the time, as our perfume alchemists add their creations to our app. You’ll share your formulas too!