The at-home perfume lab

An elegant device with a minimalist aesthetic that perfume lovers can use daily to design fragrances for their own use or create perfumes that will become one of the most magical gifts you can give.

324.00 GBP

Pay in 6 installments starting at 54 GBP / month

Make your own perfumes

Are you passionate about perfumery but not sure where to begin? Don’t worry. It's very easy to design fragrances with the Scent Creator thanks to the revolutionary visualization tools available on our app. If you need more assistance, our expert perfumers will be delighted to guide you through this fascinating journey.

Give exceptional gifts

With the Scent Creator, in just a matter of minutes, you can create perfumes to suit the time of year, wear to a special event and even match an outfit. But you can also surprise your loved ones with a custom perfume that nobody else has.

Unforgettable smells

One of the most fascinating aspects of perfumery is how it evokes surprisingly vivid memories, allowing us to travel in time. Now you can relive the most cherished moments of your life through a scent library that allows you to recreate them whenever and wherever you like. 

Scent Sets starting at 102.00 GBP

Surprise, dazzle and wow!

When making perfumes with the Scent Creator, you'll find there are endless possibilities for experimentation. Do you want to give a friend or family member an exciting gift? Design them a custom perfume and surprise them with a gift as unique as they are.

Bespoke fragrances made by you

Enjoy an exciting creative process that begins the very moment when a particular smell inspires a certain fragrance. Then, dive into the thrill of blending scents and await the most magical moment: when your creation comes together as one-of-a-kind perfume.

Create your own perfumes and surprise everyone!

The Scent Creator is the perfect gift for any perfume lover or DIY enthusiast who appreciates the inherent value of creating products with a unique personality.
If you love perfumery or know someone who dreams of creating personalized fragrances, the Scent Creator is the perfect gift.

“The Scent Creator takes care of materializing your olfactory dreams. Choose your scents and the device will mix them together.”

“A totally immersive experience based on the same principle of a social network. Share your formulas or keep them secret.”

“Too much cedar wood, less jasmine? Don’t panic! Alchemist perfumers can guide you anytime on the phone!”

“The Scent Creator, a small device with a sleek design that assembles our creations, drop by drop, in just two minutes.”