Learn how to create your own perfumes

Have you ever wondered how you can create your own perfumes without being a perfumer? Would you like to know more about the different ingredients in perfumery or how a fragrance is structured?

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5-sessions online course for free

During five online sessions, our professional perfumer Samantha will unveil the fundamentals of perfumery and show you that it is easy to create your own perfumes thanks to technology and perfume expertise.

About this course

This online course will provide you with the essential knowledge about perfume creation and show you how easy it can be to create a perfume that perfectly suits your style by focusing on the creative side of perfumery.

How it works

During two weeks, you will receive by email access to the different sessions and exclusive content. Each session lasts around 15 minutes, and you can watch them anytime. This course also grants you access to our forum to take part in the conversation with other participants and ask your questions to Samantha, the perfumer who will lead the sessions.

Course Structure

Session 1: The past, present and future of perfumery

Session 2: The olfactory families

Session 3: The perfume structure and concentrations

Session 4: The creative process of perfume making

Session 5: How to make bespoke perfumes

Details of the Online Course

Duration: 2 weeks (5 sessions of 15 minutes)

Price: 0 EUR (limited places available)

Language: English

Dates: Access to the first session today and watch them at any time!

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What is The Alchemist Atelier?

The Alchemist Atelier is a revolutionary initiative created between perfumers and technology experts to make perfume creation accessible to everyone. Thanks to an innovative app connected to a device called Scent Creator, any perfume lover can create, or order online, high-quality perfumes as unique as they are.