The Christmas Collection Set

Get delighted with the full collection of Christmas fragrances created by our Alchemist perfumers. A delightful set of 4 perfume bottles in a 5ml format to explore the different facets of Christmas with a modern and contemporary twist.

The Christmas Collection Set includes:

  • Silva Nivaria: A sparkling and sophisticated fragrance that takes us into the Alps.
  • Lux Terrae: A delicious combination of eastern and western ingredients inspired by the winter solstice celebrations.
  • Dulcia Ignis: A zesty composition that explores the traditional flavors and playfulness of Christmas through the eyes of a child.
  • Seraph Caelo: A lush and enveloping fragrance inspired by the intimate Christmas gatherings.

Format: Four 5 ml bottles hand-wrapped at our Atelier in Paris

Units available: 10 units

49,00 €