Welcome to the fourth session!

The creative process of perfume making

Trends and sources of inspiration in perfumery, as in any other creative field, evolve over time, adapting to the way people are behaving or how they interact or use a specific product such as perfume. In this session, you will discover the upcoming trends emerging in perfumery as well as the traditional sources of inspiration for any perfumer or perfume maker.

The key elements of the session

Thank you all for having watched this session. We hope you have found the inspiration to start creating your own perfumes. Inspiration in perfumery is essential to make memorable fragrances that awake beautiful emotions. We have listed below the key elements we have explored during this session:

The perfume trends

Traditionally, the fragrance world has contributed to building a single concept of beauty that the audience aspired to recreate with the use of perfume. But nowadays, just as society evolves and embraces a more inclusive and diverse concept of beauty, perfumery also takes new directions and adapts to the natural evolution of society.

The Natural Glow

As a result of the desire of society to disconnect from urban noise and stress and reconnect with nature, the first macrotrend in perfumery is what we define as "The Natural Glow". This trend comprises everything related to nature, such as going back to the sources or reconnecting with primary odours of natural ingredients.

Perfumes have the power to express powerful emotions and sensations, and the use of natural ingredients has the ability to evoke natural sensations and build a well-being effect.


A rising number of perfumes address a new generation of consumers who reject the preconceived notions of masculine and feminine scents gravitating towards gender-neutral alternatives.

These perfumes focus more on the ingredients and sensations they create rather than building an imaginary based on gender societal constructs that label and define what is masculine or feminine.


As it happens with fashion, there is a rising interest in expressing one's individuality also with fragrances. Perfume lovers have become more demanding about what a perfume says about themselves.

This macrotrend gravitates towards two different directions. The first one consists of building your own "scent wardrobe" with different perfumes to wear based on your mood or occasion. The second one focuses on finding unique smells which represent yourself and express your individuality.

Sources of inspiration

The fragrance world is strongly connected to our memories and our emotions. When you smell something, it goes directly to a part of your brain called the hippocampus, where all your memories are stored.

Recall memories and positive sensations

A great source of inspiration in perfumery is recreating a smell that evokes a particular memory.

The options are countless, but it could be about recreating a scent linked to your childhood or a beloved relative or blend ingredients that evoke a beautiful landscape or a summer destination.

The seasons

In a world that constantly changes, the different seasons have a real impact on our behaviour which it is, of course, materialised in the choice of fragrances.

· In winter, we seek reassuring and cocooning sensations with warm and musky notes.

· In spring, with nature blooming everywhere, we pursue this same feeling in our perfumes with fresher notes that evoke nature, such as flowers, woods and even leaves.

· In summer, with the warmer temperatures, the refreshing notes are our best allies. Citruses, marine, exotic or solar notes tend to be the chosen ones to create a summer perfume.

· In autumn, with shorter days, we tend to seek again for more cosiness and florals, woods, and spices are perfect ingredients to recreate this feeling.

Getting exposed to many ingredients

Fragrance making is all about practice and gaining experience, and being exposed to a large variety of ingredients is the best way to let your imagination fly.

At The Alchemist Atelier, we propose a Discovery Kit containing samples of the 36 different scents to familiarise with the seven olfactory families and find your favourite ingredients to create your perfume.

This Discovery Kit is included when booking an Online Discovery Workshop or, if you prefer, you can also buy it separately.

How to create a perfume with The Alchemist Atelier

The Alchemist Atelier offers three different alternatives and, thanks to the use of technology, you can easily and intuitively make high-quality bespoke perfumes.

1. Create autonomously through the app

The Alchemist Atelier free app allows you to choose your favourite ingredients and adjust the proportions of each scent to create the perfume you want.

If you are unsure about which scents to use, the virtual assistant will ease the task for you by guiding the creation process through very simple questions.

2. Book an Online Experience

Expert perfumers lead all our private Online Experiences. These sessions are the perfect way to keep learning about perfumery and create together a perfume as unique as you are.

3. Create perfumes with your Scent Creator

The Scent Creator is the perfect device if you dream of creating perfumes for any mood and occasion and enjoy perfumery to the fullest.

Get ready for Session 5: How to make bespoke perfumes

In the last session of this course, we will practice everything you have learned during the previous sessions.

To prepare yourself for this last session, we have an easy task for you! We invite you to do a bit of online research about your favourite perfume. Can you find which are the predominant ingredients? Are you able to identify which are the top, heart and bottom notes? To which Olfactory Family does it belong? Why do you think you like it so much? Think about it and get ready to discover how to make bespoke perfumes from home!

Watch now a preview of Session 5: