The at-home perfume lab

The Scent Creator is an elegant device you can use at home to explore your passion for perfumery, creating high-quality personalized fragrances. Endow your formulas with extremely subtle nuances and the result will be perfumes as special and unique as you. 

324.00 GBP

Pay in 6 installments starting at 54 GBP / month

Make your own perfumes

Become a fragrance creator with the help of our expert perfumers, who will answer all your questions and reveal the best-kept secrets to making fragrances through The Alchemist Atelier workshops. If you're passionate about perfumery, don't think twice: unleash your inner artist and never stop experimenting. 

Express yourself

With the Scent Creator you can design perfumes that nobody but you can wear. Express yourself. Tell your story. We know you're unique. Don't you think your perfume should be too?

Play with a wide range of ingredients to create your signature scents

The Alchemist Atelier scent library is made up of 34 references designed by world-class perfumers. Experiment with endless possibilities and develop remarkable perfumes. Your creativity knows no bounds; the Scent Creator doesn't either.

Scent Sets starting at 102.00 GBP

Stand out from the crowd with one-of-a kind fragrances

Much like your way of dressing, perfume allows you to make a statement without saying a word. Express your individuality by wearing a fragrance that nobody else has! 

Customized perfume at your fingertips

The most innovative technology together with the expertise of the world's top perfumers have redefined the process of creating fragrances. The result is the Scent Creator, a device that allows you to express your unique personality through perfumes designed from your imagination and made at home in a matter of minutes.

Wear every day a new fragrance created by you

The Scent Creator is the perfect gift for those who appreciate exclusivity and take a pass on the conventional. If you love perfumery or know someone who dreams of creating unique fragrances, the Scent Creator is the perfect gift.

"El Scent Creator se encarga de materializar tus sueños olfativos. Elige tus esencias y el dispositivo las mezclará".

"Una experiencia totalmente inmersiva basada en el mismo principio de una red social. Comparte tus fórmulas o mantenlas en secreto".

"¿Demasiada madera de cedro y menos jazmín? ¡Que no cunda el pánico! Los perfumistas pueden guiarte en cualquier momento por teléfono!".

"El Scent Creator, un pequeño dispositivo con un diseño elegante que materializa nuestras creaciones, gota a gota, en sólo dos minutos".