The at-home perfume lab

The Scent Creator is an elegant device you can use to explore your passion for perfumery and share it with your friends and family by designing custom fragrances at home. Discover this exciting creative experience with them!

324.00 GBP

Pay in 6 installments starting at 54 GBP / month

Make your own perfumes

Can you remember the last time you spent an afternoon enjoying a hobby without distractions? Making perfumes at home is a hobby that lets you disconnect from everything else and reconnect with yourself. Feel that thrill again and let your creative juices flow designing fragrances from your imagination.

Share a new sensory experience

Just like the cinema or traveling, perfumery can be enjoyed on your own. But it takes on new meaning when you share it with friends and family of any age. Invite them to discover a totally new experience. Is there anything you can pass on that is worth more than a passion?

Mix, play, have fun

The Alchemist Atelier scent library is made up of 34 references designed by the world's top perfumers. It's very easy to blend them thanks to the revolutionary visualization tools available on our app. Blend, experiment and create something unique every day!

Scent Sets starting at 102.00 GBP

Create unique fragrances

If designing fragrances on your own is an enticing activity, then making perfumes with others is an unforgettable creative experience in which everyone's preferences, nuances and personality will shine. Help your friends and family discover their inner perfumer. 

Make unforgettable memories

A trip with friends, an unforgettable summer, a weekend getaway... Any experience shared with others can become a source of inspiration for a new fragrance that will take you back whenever you wear it. Because perfumery is an art that allows us to evoke unique sensations and bring the past back to life. 

Dare to explore a new hobby and become a perfume maker!

The Scent Creator is the perfect gift for any perfume enthusiast since it allows them to explore, perfect and enjoy their passion for the world of fragrances.
If you love perfumery or know someone who dreams of creating exclusive fragrances, the Scent Creator is the perfect gift to set up an atelier at home.

"El Scent Creator se encarga de materializar tus sueños olfativos. Elige tus esencias y el dispositivo las mezclará".

"Una experiencia totalmente inmersiva basada en el mismo principio de una red social. Comparte tus fórmulas o mantenlas en secreto".

"¿Demasiada madera de cedro y menos jazmín? ¡Que no cunda el pánico! Los perfumistas pueden guiarte en cualquier momento por teléfono!".

"El Scent Creator, un pequeño dispositivo con un diseño elegante que materializa nuestras creaciones, gota a gota, en sólo dos minutos".