The Practice of Cocooning

How can we start cocooning and turn our home into a temple of relaxation?

October 09, 2020

The Practice of Cocooning

If, as in show of optimism, we were to try to pinpoint something positive to take away from these difficult times, we would surely agree that one of the few aspects worth salvaging is the possibility to slow down, to rediscover ourselves, and to take stock of our lives.

The need to spend more time at home has led us to reflect on our living spaces and analyze them with fresh eyes. Our homes therefore become a space where absolutely anything can happen; a place where we can practice our passions and be truly happy.

A pleasant refuge 

Envisioning our home as a pleasant refuge to be enjoyed with a small intimate group, and even individually, may be a recent discovery for some. However, Faith Popcorn had already coined the term cocooning back in the eighties in order to define a life choice that increasingly opted for using moments of leisure to spend quality time at home, as opposed to making plans to go out. This trend is currently in vogue, now more than ever, especially since we have more accessible means for satisfying our most basic needs with the click of a button.

But why do we find snuggling in at home so pleasant, especially when it's cold outside?

A temple of relaxation

Surely having spent the first nine months of our existence in the comfortable maternal womb plays a big role. On the other hand, there’s also no doubt that we conceive our home as a safe place to shelter from noise, stress and pollution.

The question remains: how can we start cocooning and turn our home into a temple of relaxation?

There are many different strategies you can implement and each person knows what little things will make them happy. That said, certain things rarely fail, like putting on relaxing music, wearing comfortable clothes, or creating a pleasant atmosphere with dim lights. . .

Likewise, when cocooning, we shouldn’t take for granted the power of smells, as they are a great ally for achieving that much sought-after state of calm in our home. In fact, since ancient times humans have been aware of the olfactory power of flowers and natural scents for reducing levels of stress and anxiety.

It’s very simple: the olfactory cells are connected to the brain through nerve extensions. These connections make certain scents and perfumes capable of promoting an “alpha” state in our brain: a level of relaxation in our brain waves that blocks an adrenaline overdose, seeing as adrenaline is considered the main culprit in states of agitation.

If the secret of happiness lies in dedicating quality time to the things that most inspire us, autumn is a wonderful time to experiment with new leisure activities and snuggle in at home to enjoy our passion for perfumery by designing personalized fragrances with the Scent Creator.

Discover The Alchemist Atelier's scent library and use ingredients whose ability to generate states of relaxation and well-being was well known to our ancestors, such as: lemon, bergamot, lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, etc.

Explore our complete catalog of scents and use their olfactory properties to achieve your desired effect. Your personalized creations will envelope your home—like a nice blanket wrapped around you—generating a sense of well-being and letting positive energy flow in your space of refuge.

Create your own cocooning ritual this fall and share it with us!