The Lovers who create together, stay together

Give better this Valentine´s Day. Create together, making unique fragrances inspired by each other - along with the memories that will last forever. 

January 31, 2020

This Valentine’s Day, why not do something truly original with someone special in your life. Whether it’s romantic, or simply a way to spend precious time with a loved one, what could be more inspiring than creating totally unique personal fragrances together that you can wear and even share? Learning and creating together is more than just making perfumes, it’s making memories you can treasure forever. 


Discovering the fundamental principles of perfumery has never been simpler or more fun than with our at-home Scent Creator, and our library of 34 carefully curated scents. And there’s nothing more romantic than exploring and experimenting together. 


Our network of perfume creators using the Scent Creator at home is growing, and we love hearing about how our community has created perfumes with - and for - their other halves, or shared the experience of creating an extra-special occasional perfume with friends or family. By awakening your senses and making new discoveries together, you create memories and learn about each other, about your tastes and about how you each experience the world, and this brings lasting bonds that endure even when the gift of perfume you’ve made is gone. 


This February, with the purchase of a Scent Creator, we’re offering an extra-special Valentine’s Day Perfume Workshop for two at our Paris Atelier, where you and someone special can join an expert perfumer to learn about fragrance structure, olfactory families, top, heart, and bottom notes and even create your own personal fragrances to take home with you, all accompanied by a glass of champagne. But don’t worry if you’re not in Paris this February. At our online store, you can find everything you need to explore The Alchemist Atelier at home. You can even take our expert-led workshop online over skype!


Whether you visit us in Paris, or bring the magic of perfumery home this February, make Valentine’s Day extra special with a gift that is so much more than perfume.