Sharing and co-creating… that’s truly nourishing!

A real food expert, Marie Chavarot, turned her passion into a brand and introduced next-level conscious cuisine to the Parisian gastro scene. With her Scent Creator she is preparing a perfect formula for a real treat - her own perfume! 


February 07, 2020

A lifelong gastronome and food obsessive, in 2017 Marie Chavarot turned her passion into a brand, launching marie.made and introducing Paris to next-level, conscious cuisine.


Having worked with exclusive fashion brands, she perfectly understands the link between fashion, style, fragrance and food. Marie and her friends cook up delicious perfumes with her Scent Creator, at home in Paris.


What do you love about having the Scent Creator at home?

Marie: “What I love about cooking is taking raw materials - infinite ingredients that come from different regions, different countries, different influences, and putting them together. Creating a scent this way is similar; different aromas and ingredients, with infinite combinations. That’s what’s so extraordinary.”


Tell us about how you #SpeakPerfume

“Creating your own scent is giving yourself the chance to present yourself in a completely personalised way, that’s extraordinary and unique. Food is all about sharing, and with the Scent Creator, I can share with friends - the more the merrier! Sharing and co-creating… that’s truly nourishing!”


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