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Perfume in 2020 means sustainability

March 24, 2020

Make the very most of staying in

There are many reasons to love being at home and enjoy some quality time spent on new hobbies and pastimes. 

March 19, 2020

With music or perfume, be a virtuoso!

Pierre-André has been busy. In his popular band in the 1980s Les Avions, and then in a varied and successful career in architecture and business, now he’s taken time out to record a solo album of electronic music.

Pierre-André creates his own perfume works of art with his at-home Scent Creator, at his Paris apartment.

February 21, 2020

Love at first scent

Love at first scent: Le Coup de Foudre collection by The Alchemist Atelier.

February 11, 2020

Sharing and co-creating… that’s truly nourishing!

A lifelong gastronome and food obsessive, in 2017 Marie Chavarot turned her passion into a brand, launching marie.made and introducing Paris to next-level, conscious cuisine.

February 07, 2020