With music or perfume, be a virtuoso!

Pierre-André, an architect, businessman and musician, creates his own perfume works of art with his Scent Creator, at his Paris apartment.

February 21, 2020

Pierre-André has been busy. In his popular band in the 1980s Les Avions, and then in a varied and successful career in architecture and business, now he’s taken time out to record a solo album of electronic music.
Pierre-André creates his own perfume works of art with his at-home Scent Creator, at his Paris apartment.
What do you love about having the Scent Creator at home?
“Technology is really important to me - it enables us to do so much. It gives us the freedom to experiment and play. Inspiration gives you an abstract idea, and with perfume-like with music - having amazing technology means you can mix things up and experiment until you get closer and closer to exactly that concept you want. Technology means I can play all the instruments - be a virtuoso. Now with perfume, it’s exactly the same.”
Tell us about how you #SpeakPerfume
“Finding the way to express your inspiration and create is like solving a problem. I have a need to create, and I need the ways to develop the inspiration into something realistic. Sharing that emotion with others, that’s the real joy of creation.”
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