Why not be unique?

Meet Luna Gilles, a professional make-up artist and a perfume lover, whose amazing work can be seen on many beautiful faces of the fashion world.  


January 14, 2020

“Why not be unique?”

- Luna Gilles, professional make-up artist.


You might not know Luna Gilles’ face, but you will have seen her work on the faces of the fashion world.

One of a new generation of young, talented make-up artists in Paris, Luna started out working with high-end fashion magazines like Ella and Marie Claire, as well as with brands like Saint Laurent at Paris fashion week.

Luna creates her own unique perfumes with The Alchemist Atelier Scent Creator at her apartment in Paris.


What do you love about having the Scent Creator at home?

Luna: “Making different things every time. Perfume is like using make-up; it has to be adapted to each person. It’s very personalised, depending on your taste, your mood, many personal things. And it’s different each time. With make up it’s different depending on the scene, of how your skin is that day, and perfume should be like that too.”


Tell us about how you #SpeakPerfume

“I think what perfume has in common with make-up is how we use it to perfect our identity; to tell a story. I’m different when I go to work to when I go out with my friends - different make-up, different perfume. Each time I want to be a new creation. Why always be the same, if you can be unique?”


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