Turn heads and be noticed with a statement evening perfume that really pops.

Professional perfumer Solene tells us how to make an impression during party season with fragrances that really stand out from the crowd. 

November 06, 2019

Perfume alchemist Solene tells us how to make a splash during party season with statement fragrances that really stand out from the crowd.

Wearing perfume is a lot like any other kind of accessory. We don’t always want to dress up, but for some occasions, we might add a bright red lipstick, or want to add a touch of real glamour.

For parties and special occasions – office Christmas events and evenings out are on many of our minds at the moment as the festive season approaches – we often want to stand out and do something different style-wise.

This is a great opportunity to be more playful and experimental with fragrance. Many of our clients at The Alchemist Atelier choose to blend bespoke fragrances for special occasions that are different from their regular or everyday scents. And as a perfumer, I love helping them create blends that add a sparkle or a pop to their evening out.

If you’re looking for a way to turn heads at a social event, here are a few tips on choosing and creating fragrances that are guaranteed to make an impact.


Turn up the base.

According to most perfumers, a good complex fragrance will be around 55% base notes, 20% heart notes, and 25% top notes. For a really great winter evening perfume, switch up the proportions and blend your formula with up to 75% base notes. These will linger on the skin for longer, and be more noticeable in environments where perfumes can get lost in the crowd.

I’d recommend using our Cedar Wood and Sandal Wood bases for your perfume base – the sillage in perfume terminology. This will give you an intriguing, long-lasting, noticeable combination that will stand up to even the longest night.


Add an element of surprise.

For those cheek-kissing moments, a great way of making your fragrance stand out is by using top notes that are unexpected or unusual, especially for the time of year, or for the way they sparkle over the base notes.

On top of a woody or aromatic base, add a Zesty Citrus note to bring a touch of fun and playfulness to your scent, that’ll fit perfectly with an ice-cold cocktail. I love to add leather – a fruity yet nutty note that is instantly intriguing – that really gets noticed over a heady, lush base.

Choose accord scents you might usually shy away from. It’s all about creating that wow moment you might not want for everyday use.


Be bold and take a risk.

For the evening, I think it can be really fun to play with people’s expectations of perfume. A great way to do this is to subvert the way people think about gender in fragrance. We know that perfume is genderless, but some scents are traditionally considered to be more masculine or feminine.

To stand out in the crowd at a party, it’s great to experiment with these notes and add a touch of masculinity to your fragrance if you’re a woman or vice versa.

It’s deeply elegant to smell soft floral accords on a man, or sweeter top notes like orange blossom or sweet musk.

And adding a touch of the musky, masculine notes like deep aromatic, cedarwood or even lavender to a fragrance for a woman will add a sophisticated element that will definitely get you noticed.

Perfume alchemist Solene tells us how to make a splash during party season with statement fragrances that really stand out from the crowd.