Three ingredients you should add to your perfume based on your personality

Start 2021 by expanding your olfactory range and discover the three ingredients you can add to your perfume according to your personality to create the perfect scent.

January 19, 2021

Three ingredients you should add to your perfume based on your personality


With high expectations towards this upcoming year, we should all use 2021 as an excellent opportunity to practice what we´ve learned about ourselves during the challenging year that we´ve left behind. Let´s start by daring to expand our olfactory range!


1. For the ones who want to start fresh


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking ¨fresh¨ are the citruses. But have you ever considered that freshness has multiple facets? Green notes are a less mainstream approach to freshness that can reconnect us with nature.


Try our Green Cut Grass accord featuring a bouquet of greenery with the unmistakable notes of fresh-cut grass, the floral aroma of freesia, and the velvety touch of violet leaves.



2. For the ones who set their goals high


Are you still committed to your New Year's resolutions? For those who are, 2021 is likely to be the year of materializing your aspirations and goals. To achieve that, however, you will need some kick of motivation and there is no better scent to put you on your feet than a spicy one. What´s more, spices have an outstanding balance between comfort and an energizing effect.


Our perfumers recommend you the Warm Spicy, an accord that is alive with hot and blazing nutmeg, the sweet, powdery bark of cinnamon, and the distinctive warmth of clove.



3. For the ones who seek some peace of mind


The news, the lockdowns, and remote working might have become a bit overwhelming for some of us. If you are considering a health retreat later this year, start by experimenting with the curing effects of some perfume creations. In this case, the scents belonging to the aromatic family will be your allies, thanks to their calming properties.


Choose Aromatic Lavender and discover an accord that features powerful notes of rosemary, lavender, and sage fusing aromatic, camphoric, and leafy floral facets.