The three secrets behind the perfect Christmas gifts

We want to share our three little secrets to master the art of giving.

December 07, 2020

The three secrets behind the perfect Christmas gifts

As the Christmas season approaches, many of us must feel the pressure of giving the perfect gift and create the ideal holiday. At The Alchemist Atelier, we have also experienced that feeling as much as we love this Holiday season. For this reason, we would like to share three little secrets and some gifting ideas that will help you become the master of gifting!


Secret #1:

Even though the art of gifting is at the core of the Christmas spirit, any holiday you spend time with your relatives and loved ones should go way beyond wrapping and unwrapping presents. Spending quality time together is the best Christmas gift ever.


Gifting idea: Creating perfumes together, either by having a Scent Creator at home or taking part in an Online Discovery Workshop, is a great way to spend a wonderful afternoon with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories.


Secret #2:

Receiving a special present can be incredibly powerful and emotional. Gifts are a demonstration of your feelings and how much you care about the other person. In the same way that we defend that "one size does not fit all" in perfumery, the same should apply to gifting. Gifts should feel personal and meaningful.


Gifting idea: A bespoke fragrance has the power to evoke memories created together, such as a trip to an exotic destination or the smell of the garden where you grew up together. Create your bespoke fragrance using your Scent Creator or create it online guided by one of our perfumers is a winning gifting decision.


Secret #3:

Although we might be tempted to opt for a safe and practical option, presents should feel unexpected and special enough to be worth giving. The master of giving should have the capacity to read between the lines, anticipate desires, and find a way to surprise the person receiving the present. For example, socks are practical, but we doubt they will be perceived as special, and going to a perfume shop and choosing a new perfume, let's admit, that might be already expected by the person receiving the gift.


Gifting idea: Surprise any perfume lover with a Scent Creator and invite him to get started in the fascinating journey of perfume creation. If he already has a Scent Creator, surprise him with one of our bottle holders, a wood bottle case, or even a set of scents to keep creating fragrances.