The secrets of master perfumery revealed!

We asked out expert perfumers to reveal the tricks and tips to creating striking, unique fragrances at home.

April 02, 2020

We asked our expert, in-house Perfume Alchemists to reveal the tricks and tips to creating striking, unique fragrances at home. Discover how to create balance and be creative with no fear of failure, with fragrance fundamentals, revealed!


Choosing Ingredients.

Faced with 34 curated base and accord scents, you might worry about combining them. What goes with what? Master perfumers know that you can use any of our scents - they’ll all combine, and it’s up to you to decide on the proportion and effect. It’s about your personal style, so choose anything you love!


Quality, not Quantity.

Just like cooking or dressing, you can combine any ingredients you love, but don’t just throw everything in! Our perfume experts recommend selecting up to two base scents and up to 4 accords to create a balanced, complex fragrance where all your ingredients still get their chance to shine.


Proportion and Combination.

This is where it becomes really personal. Follow your nose, and use the exclusive visualisation tools on our app to gauge the potency of your ingredients. You’ll be able to change the formula and see how this affects your blend, and make as many test samples as you like with your Scent Creator. Our Alchemists recommend using bases for 40-60 of your fragrance, but it’s really up to you.


The Ones to Watch.

Chypre bases are so lush; so deep and intense and instantly recognisable, that they can overpower delicate accords. When you are perfecting your blend, keep Chypre bases to around 30% or less to allow for a balance.


Some accords are so striking, they need to be used in moderation. Cut Green Grass, Sensual Leather, Red Fruits and Yellow Fruits all pack a real punch, and are perfect at around 10% or less in a blended fragrance. Of course, if these are your favourites and you love them, it’s your perfume - use as much as you like!