The family of scents is growing!

Welcome Oriental Myrrh and Oriental Amber, the two new Winter Accords that expand the range of possibilities within The Alchemist Atelier scent library.

November 11, 2020

The family of scents is growing!

The holiday season is coming and this year arrives with novelty at The Alchemist Atelier.

After months of development, this December, our perfumers are introducing Oriental Myrrh and Oriental Amber: the two exclusive seasonal scents that will bring a touch of warmth, opulence, and sophistication to your fragrance creations. These two new Winter Accords expand the range of possibilities within the Oriental Family. One of the favorite families of the community of perfume lovers of The Alchemist Atelier!


Oriental Myrrh is a smoky and balmy accord softly wrapped in a veil of musk in which the resilient aroma of myrrh contrasts with the unexpectedly spicy side of saffron.



Oriental Amber shows how the savory identity of vanilla beans and the invigorating character of patchouli enhance the dry and resinous personality of cistus labdanum in this accord.

These two Oriental Accords are the two first additions to the original Scent Library of The Alchemist Atelier. Oriental Myrrh and Oriental Amber come as an anticipation of what 2021 has to offer to the growing community of perfume lovers that, thanks to the Scent Creator, have decided to go one step beyond and become perfume creators.

The Winter Accords will be available since early December exclusively at our Atelier in Paris and on our website.