Storing Your Cartridges

We share our top picks for beautiful storage solutions to keep the scent cartridges well organized and at your fingertips whenever you need.

February 25, 2021



As always, at The Alchemist Atelier, we listen to the inspiring voices of our community and their experience with the world of bespoke perfumery. Many of you have shared the need for a tool that would help you organize your at-home perfumery laboratory and to store your favorite scent cartridges. While you can place up to 12 cartridges in the Scent Creator, we came up with a few ideas to expand your options. Keep reading this article to find our top picks for beautiful storage solutions to keep the cartridges well organized and at your fingertips whenever you need.


1. Vitra ToolBox RE by Arik Levy (35€)

Our first suggestion is a practical, yet absolutely beautiful organizer designed by an Israeli artist Arik Levy. It is perfect for storing your beloved scents and we love it for its sleek design and a variety of compartments to store not only the cartridges but also your perfume bottles. What´s more, it should not go unnoticed that Vitra Toolbox is made of recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable! Hurry, this product is available only until the end of 2021.


Colors available Vitra ToolBox RE: grey

Colors available Vitra ToolBox : basic dark, moss grey, white, tangerine, pale pink, mint green and sea blue




2. Vitra S-Tidy by Michel Charlot (29€)  

S-Tidy is another proposal from Vitra that we´ve selected and this time it is a more compact alternative for storage designed by a Swiss artist Michel Charlot. He opted for a rather unconventional solution in usually serious and austere world of office accessories and organizers. His concept for Vitra S-Tidy is based on an organic, serpentine-like shape which ensures the right balance and allows storage of taller objects (such as your scent cartridges). There is no coincidence here, just pure design thinking at its best!


Colors available: in white, sky grey, poppy red, yellow, sea blue and dark grey.




3. Hay Toolbox by Shane Schneck (29€)

If you like the idea of the additional storage space for your bottles, this option is definitely for you. Created by Shane Schneck, an American designer based in Sweden, this modern interpretation of a traditional toolbox will perfectly complement your perfume-making accessories. Characterized by the same Scandinavian-like simplicity of design as the Scent Creator, Hay Toolbox will become a beautiful addition to your interiors. At the same time, it is a truly handy and practical product which offers optimized storage solutions with extra compartments at the sides and top.


Colors available: grey, dusty green




4. Fermliving Toolbox (65€)

Last but not least, we propose you an elegant organizer designed by a Danish brand ferm LIVING that will surely elevate the look of your interiors. Made from powder-coated metal, this storage solution is bigger than the previous options and has enough space to fit all of our 36 available scent cartridges. Keep in mind, however, that this particular organizer does not consist of any compartments so all of your accessories will be placed together – nothing wrong about that!


Colors available: cashmere, black, olive, light grey




We hope you´ll find this article helpful in improving your experience of creating your own bespoke fragrances at home. Let us know what you think of our storage suggestions and, of course, if you know any other beautifully designed products that would go perfectly with the Scent Creator and The Alchemist Atelier accessories.