Spring Perfumery Trends

As the new season begins, we share our recommendations for your bespoke spring creations.

March 17, 2021

Spring Perfumery Trends


As the world wakes up from its winter sleep, the air begins to smell of sweet blooming florals, freshness of spring rain and energizing fruits. With new season come new ideas and trends for your bespoke perfume creations. Today, we would like to share them with you.


Let us start with the ultimate spring classic – the florals. Flower notes in perfumes are the perfect transition from warm and spicy essences of winter and introduce freshness in our daily routine. Therefore, we recommend you try out Blooming Floral, Pink Floral, Jasmine Floral, Orange Blossom Floral and Rose Floral.


To accompany the floral notes in your bespoke spring perfume, make sure to try out less obvious ingredients. One of such additions would be woody scents that can bring sensuality to your formula. To achieve this effect, try Fresh Wood, Creamy Wood, Vibrant Wood, Cedar Wood, Moss Chypre and White Chypre. On the other hand, searching for a hint of audacity in your creation resins will give you the right answers. With Mysterious Oriental for the incense and Sensual Leather for the tobacco effect, your spring perfume will really stand out.


Last but not least, the joyful fruits can bring freshness and, at the same time, some sweet gentleness without turning your creation too “gourmand”. We recommend Red Fruits and Yellow Fruits for a bit of sweet-sour twist to your perfume and Fresh Aromatic and Cut Grass Green for the effect of green apple.


Which spring trends are your favorite? As always, we encourage you to keep experimenting and sharing your ideas with the community to enter this season with new energy.