Recreating memories through perfume

Our history is the perfect source of inspiration for perfume creations that not only smell good but also bring us a real feeling of joy and nostalgia.

March 03, 2021

Recreating memories through perfume 

As humans, we are known to be able to distinguish between 5 000 and 10 000 scents! To understand the importance of the sense of smell in our life, we need to think about how different scents get associated in our brain with special moments and specific memories, for instance, those of our childhood. From our early days we start to collect experiences and build what we can call a “smell bank” which changes and grows as the time passes. Every scent in this bank gets associated with positive and negative experiences. In fact, as our brains cannot describe smells as they are, they link them with images, sounds etc. leading to our “smell bank” being intrinsically linked to our memories. Here, we arrive at the discovery of the pure beauty of perfumery as the time travel machine that takes us to the happiest moments of our lives, reunites us with our loved ones wherever we are, and allows us to travel to faraway lands. Apart from connecting people with their past, it is also a powerful enabler to dream and to create an imagined future. 



Therefore, there is no wonder that our history is the perfect inspiration for perfume creations which not only smell beautifully but also bring us a real sensation of happiness and nostalgia. In order to explore this ability of perfumes to take us on emotional journeys, we asked one of The Alchemist Atelier team members to create her bespoke perfume inspired by a happy memory from her childhood. 


The happiest memories from my childhood always end up being related to my mum. She is a beautiful person in every meaning of this word, with her elegance, kindness and joy of life being her most distinguishing traits. As a kid I always loved spring. It was the time of my mom's birthday and yet it always made me feel very special. The air smelled of lilies, my mother's favourite flowers, and fresh spring rain. On my mom's birthday we always spent the best moments together, full of love and laughter. Hugging her made me the happiest person in the world and the sweet scent of lilies that she so adored to this day makes me feel safe and nostalgic. Guided by Samantha, and empowered by The Alchemist Atelier app I decided to create a perfume inspired by these childhood memories of motherly love. Blending two bases -Blooming Floral and White Chypre - with five accords - Bergamot Citrus, Jasmine Floral, Orange Blossom Floral, Sandal Wood and Sensual Leather - I created the most perfect perfume, that became the essence of my relationship with my mother.



As you can see, the most beautiful stories are waiting to be told with the art of perfume creation. We cannot wait to see what memories you decide to recreate through making your unique perfume with the Scent Creator. Do not forget to publish your formulas on the app and share it with the community.