More than simply “ingredients”

More than simply choosing the ingredients, we created elements to make the art of creating perfumes more accessible to everyone.

August 22, 2019

More than simply choosing ingredients, we created elements to make the art of perfume accessible to everyone.

Music is composed of notes. But musicians use notes in keys and octaves, and with a deep understanding of instruments and the way compositions create mood, evoke memories and form melodies.

Like musicians, perfumers use their expert knowledge of olfactory families and ingredients to create perfumes with depth that tell a story. It’s an art form, after all.

To help any perfume lover to create their own perfume, we at The Alchemist Atelier have created a brand new language of perfume, distilling hundreds of individual ingredients into their simplest possible form; 34 key blends, divided into bases and accords, providing the architecture of thousands of possible perfumes.

Our bases are each composed of 6 important raw ingredients, balanced to create a foundation almost like a perfume in itself, such as Exotic Floral, Fresh Wood or Sweet Oriental. They are based around olfactory families or groups, but no one ingredient dominates the others, and each contains top, heart and bottom notes, to give your fragrance its major family, character and structure.

Blending more than one base can give your fragrance and even more dynamic, complex structure, and you can experiment with as many as you want.

Accords are simpler, made up of three key ingredients, and denoting more ingredient specific scents. An accord like Aromatic Lavender will boost aromatic bases, but would also bring bring a light, smooth lavender note to blends with no aromatic base. Accords allow you to use key notes such as Rose Floral, Grapefruit Citrus or Cut Green Grass to give your fragrance more contrast, identity and uniqueness.

Our bases form the architectural structure of your fragrance, ensuring it is balanced and complex. Our accords then accent your unique scent, giving it the dynamic qualities that make it truly yours.

Our bases and accords were created by master perfumers. Decades of expertise and experience allowed these fragrance experts to distill almost 500 individual ingredients into artful blends sourced from the very finest ingredients available in terms of quality and sustainability. By creating this new language of perfume, with a vocabulary that is sophisticated yet simple to learn and use, we’ve created a way for perfume lovers anywhere to reinterpret the classic ideas of perfume.