Making a perfume for someone else

Composing a perfume for someone you care about is the gift that will likely become the most memorable one they have ever received.

April 14, 2020

Creating a scent for another person is not an easy task. However, composing a perfume from scratch for someone you care about is incredibly thoughtful, and your gift will likely be one of the most memorable they ever received.

I created recently a bespoke scent for one of my friends. Here is how to proceed.
Knowing which perfume or perfumes that person is wearing is a very good asset. As they (hopefully) like the perfume they are wearing. A quick search online or asking the Alchemists should help you narrow down your selection to a few of our bases, that will give the general idea of the fragrance.

If you don’t know their perfume, don’t worry there are ways around it. You might not know the exact fragrance worn, but you still have more information about it than you think. When you are with that person, let’s say it is a woman: can you smell her perfume? Not to focus on a particular ingredient, but does she have a smell? If you cannot notice anything, she is likely wearing something light like a cologne or something fresh and clean like an aromatic. On the other hand, if you can smell that fragrance quite strongly it will probably be an oriental or a Chypre. Anything in between, that is noticeable but not too intense, is surely floral or woody. At this stage, you should already select 1 or 2 bases that you think would suit that person to be the backbone of your creation.

For instance, my friend changes perfume for every occasion. She likes them delicate and discreet when she goes to the office to not distract or disturb her coworkers. However, when she goes out, she likes to make a bolder statement by wearing much darker and intense fragrances. So, for her, I wanted to create something she could take with her when she travels. That new scent should be a hybrid between her office perfume and her night-out scent. So I chose the exquisite Blooming Floral base that is full of mild and delicate fruity nuances, which I then contrasted with the seductive elegance of the White Chypre base.

Now let’s move on to the accords. The accords are how you are going to personalise the scent. If you know which perfumes that person wears, they might have some ingredients in common. She will be sure to like those so you can select them pretty safely. Again if you don’t, not a problem. Because you are sure to have some olfactive memories of that person.

My friend grew up on a small island, so Marine Breeze might remind her of her childhood home and she will be comfortable with that salty frosty scent. Last year, we took a trip to Etretat where we ate way too much-salted caramel crepes. We regret nothing. So as a nod to this inside joke, I am just going to add a hint of Caramel Gourmand to the fragrance, not too much, I don’t want just a hint. And that is it, I now have all my ingredients! I am just one blending away from this amazing and unique gift.



Alchemist Perfumer