Make every day magic with perfume

Forget generic perfumes and express yourself this year with unique, extraordinary fragrances every single day.

January 17, 2020

Forget generic perfumes and be yourself in 2020, with unique, extraordinary fragrances every single day.


2020 is going to be a year full of surprises, discovery and creativity. At The Alchemist Atelier, we know that the age of Big Fashion is over, and people are looking for ways to express themselves with fewer brand names and more uniqueness, personal taste and control.


There are already many Perfume Alchemists - people using our exclusive Scent Creator device in their homes - who already know how simple and satisfying it is to blend unique, brand new fragrances at home with our innovative technology and intuitive Discovery Kit.


Our challenge for 2020 is to bring perfume to the forefront of your personal style. We have made it simple and fun to check out our range of 34 carefully curated Scents, and use our app to create bold and beautiful new formulas whenever you want.


Our perfumers are always on hand to help, so why not unleash the artist in you? You can create fragrances to match your mood, where you’re going, the weather or even your outfit!


With your Scent Creator at home, you can produce 5ml samples of any blend of scents you like, as many times as you want and with as many tweaks as necessary. So you really can create a new perfume every day!


Make 2020 the year your perfume really says something about you. It’s time to forget about generic perfumes and join the perfume revolution!