Love at first smell : the perfect Valentine´s Day scents

With Saint Valentine´s Day approaching, we contemplate about the ability of scents to express or maybe even evoke the feeling of love. 

February 08, 2021

Love at first smell


We have often discussed the important role of perfumes in evoking special memories and emotions. With Saint Valentine’s Day approaching, it seems especially right to contemplate about the ability of scents to express or maybe even evoke the feeling of love.


Before we talk about the list of ingredients that you should include in your olfactory love potion, let’s look into the scientific theory behind love at first smell.


Scientists believe that, just like other animals, humans unconsciously react to the smells and pheromones of other individuals, which influences whether we see someone as attractive or not. Our use of the sense of smell in mating rituals is much more common than we might think. Take, for instance, The Eskimo kiss. Many researchers believe that this expression of mutual affection is not about simple rubbing of noses, it is an act of smelling our partner. But when it comes to the relation between the pheromones and the perceived attractiveness of humans, this theory has been challenged. In fact, pheromones do not influence our perceived beauty or sensuality but instead they communicate the availability for romance.


The research on how the sense of smell influences our romantic behaviors is a fascinating and extremely vast field.  While we have not yet discovered a scent that would become a magical love potion, we have an abundance of stunning essential oils and aromas that are considered aphrodisiacs for their ability to ensure the romantic ambiance. Here are our suggestions of the perfect  ingredients for your Saint Valentine’s Day perfume:



A fragrance without roses is almost as unthinkable as a love affair without kisses.  Indulge your loved one the most romantic of flowers which brings the feelings of love, comfort and intimacy. Choose our Accord Rose Floral and our Base Pink Floral to create the most romantic perfume of all times!



Valentine’s Day is the most passionate day of the year and leather has the power to evoke sensuality in a very luxurious way. Experiment with this ingredient using our Accord Sensual Leather and create a fragrance that will last all day long.


White Flowers

Hypnotic notes of Jasmine or the exotic aura of Tiare can bring sensuality to a totally different level while transporting you to the dreamy world of tropical, wild beaches. We recommend you to try our Base Exotic Floral and our Accord Jasmine Floral to obtain this effect.



Known for their aphrodisiac effects, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, cardamom or saffron will spice up your perfume creation. Explore the effects of spices with accords such as Fresh Spicy, Warm Spicy or Oriental Myrrh.



This scent might not be the first one that comes to your mind when thinking of essential oils for love. However, add it to your perfume and you will find its warm and smooth aroma soothing your senses, reducing the blood pressure and getting you in the right mood for a romantic evening with your significant other. Try our accord Sandal Wood and let it envelop both of you in a loving embrace. 



Now that you know the must-have ingredients of your  Saint Valentine’s day perfume, it is time to tell your love story and to tell it in the most original way. Create a perfume dedicated to a special someone in your life. Make sure to share your formulas in The Alchemist Atelier app, with a description of what inspired you to reflect your feelings with specific ingredients in the form of a bespoke fragrance.