Love at first scent

Love at first scent: Le Coup de Foudre collection by The Alchemist Atelier.

February 11, 2020

Le Coup de Foudre collection by The Alchemist Atelier.

Victoire, Louise, and Samantha are The Alchemist Atelier’s in house expert perfumers. You can find them at our Paris Atelier, or meet them online.

Romance is all about the senses. But the scents we associate with passion and romance aren’t arbitrary. Part of the art of perfumery is understanding the deep subconscious references our minds make between fragrances and feelings, and our in-house expert perfumers have carefully curated three sumptuous perfumes designed to awaken your passion and make this Valentine’s Day extra-special.

Find the formulas on our app and blend them at home with your Scent Creator device - remember, you can tweak the formulas to customize them and make them unique to you - or discover them at our Paris Atelier.


Polaris by Victoire

Inspired by crisp midwinter nights and the frozen sparkle of frost, this icy fragrance balances rich intense rose with sparkling black pepper for a blend that sends a shiver down your spine.

There’s something richly romantic about the blend of sultry, sophisticated floral and crackling black pepper that vibrant and alive.

Add a musky note to make it a fresher, daytime perfume, or a dash of sensual leather for a head-turning rare perfume.

Discover the formula here 


Cupid Love by Samantha

Designed with three perfectly complementary layers to stimulate, revive and tighten your senses, this perfume is passionate and revitalizing, like the best kind of romance.

Luscious red fruits evoke flavour, decadence, and passion, while lush rose and deep florals add drama and make this fragrance deeply intoxicating. All this is balanced with a voluptuous Sandalwood for a genuinely sophisticated, aromatic blend.

Add a citrus note to lighten the mood, or increase the rich aromatic wood notes to give it an erotic charge.

Discover the formula here 


Shakespeare’s Garden by Louise

A summer night in Verona worthy of Romeo and Juliet; a soft citrus and green tea scented breeze rustling the tree leaves.

This gorgeous fragrance adds to this floral rose, verdantly metallic geranium and aromatic lavender, complementing these lush notes by finishing with heart notes of intense cedarwood, vetiver, and sandalwood as well as creamy vanilla and exotic tonka bean.

High contrast notes make this sillage complex, sensual and fascinating enough to seduce anyone.

Discover the formula here