How to make a homemade perfume step by step

We explain how to make home made perfumes with the Scent Creator, the device every perfume lover wants to have at home. 

August 17, 2020

Making homemade perfume

has never been so easy

How long has it been since you took an afternoon just for yourself? When was the last time you enjoyed any of your hobbies without interruption? Don’t you think that in our productivity-prone and multitasking society it just keeps getting harder to find moments to be by yourself and let your creativity loose? 

Perhaps as a response to so much agitation and mental noise, meditation and do-it-yourself activities are gaining more and more followers. The reason why is very simple: they give us the pleasure of reconnecting with ourselves. 

Knowing that, it didn’t seem to make much sense to us that a lover of painting or music could enjoy their chosen art like a professional, sketching a landscape or composing a song, but a fragrance lover couldn’t explore the fascinating process of making personalized perfumes at home. 

That’s why we developed the Scent Creator, a perfume atelier that any hobbyist can use to become a creator and create personalized fragrances in their own home. Do you want to know how it works? We’ll tell you!




¨ do-it-yourself activities (...) give us the pleasure of reconnecting with ourselves. ¨







Bringing the perfumery world closer to people 

Creating a fragrance has historically been a highly technical process, perfected through the generations. Making a homemade perfume was even more complicated, with a series of requirements that were a real challenge for the perfume enthusiast: from getting ahold of precise scales and mixing and packaging containers, to the small quest of acquiring quality scents in small quantities, not at all easy for an individual. 
In response, The Alchemist Atelier has brought decades of experience and the work of the world’s best perfumers together with the most innovative technology, so anyone anywhere can make fragrances while enjoying the most creative and exciting part of the process. 


How to make a homemade perfume step by step with the Scent Creator 

Designing a personalized fragrance at home is extremely simple using the Scent Creator, a device with a minimalist aesthetic that you can customize to fit perfectly in any room in your home. You just have to follow these steps: 

  1. Select the scents that you will use to create your exclusive formula. These scents come in 20 ml cartridges, and up to 12 of them can be placed in the Scent Creator basket. Of course, you may want to know how each one smells exactly before purchasing them. Don’t worry, our Discovery Kitis the perfect sample book to explore all the scents that make up The Alchemist Atelier Scent Library, a selection of 34 scents put together by the best perfumers in the world. 

  2. Download the app from The Alchemist Atelier. You can use it to control your Scent Creator and combine the scents that will make up your perfume. Its innovative visualization tools will guide you throughout the process, helping you produce high-quality fragrances.

  3. Once you’ve decided on the combination, make a sample and evaluate the result. Then you can continue experimenting and making all the adjustments you want until you find a formula that really speaks to you.

  4. When you’re ready, extract the fragrance and enjoy wearing it or giving a gift of your own homemade perfume.

The years of experience provided by the best international perfumers to put together The Alchemist Atelier’s scent library, plus our app’s complete visualization tools, will let you love perfumery up close and develop creations straight from your imagination or evoking a magical memory. 

Join the perfume revolution and, like the many other alchemists who already make up our online community, you can start creating fragrances especially suited to a time of year (perhaps a summer perfume...), a special occasion, or even an outfit. Because making homemade perfume has never been so easy.