How to create your own summer fragrance

Discover how to create a summer fragrance at home with the Scent Creator and uncover the magic of perfumery. Creating unique perfumes has never been so easy!

June 25, 2020

When good weather arrives, it changes everything. The landscape changes, how we dress, what plans we make... The hustle and bustle of the rest of the year gives way to days of relaxation, when we can hit pause, take stock and enjoy.

Just as the summer months have their own rhythm, summer fragrances have particular characteristics that make them fresh and light. In this post we’ll review their main characteristics and give you some tips to create your own summer fragrance with the Scent Creator, the revolutionary perfume atelier from The Alchemist Atelier.

What type of fragrance is best in summer?

The high temperatures of the summer months draw us towards light, fresh and exotic fragrances. Yes, exotic, because a summer fragrance can make us travel to practically any destination, from an Andalusian alley filled with jasmine to a field overflowing with lavender in French Provence.

Normally, summer perfumes present a higher concentration of top notes: that is, those scents that make the first impression, the ones you notice as soon as you put it on. In other words, the notes that make up its characteristic aroma. Citrus fruits (such as bergamot, lemon or grapefruit) and lavender are some of the most common ingredients in this type of fragrance.

Now, if we asked a group of people about the aromas their memory associates with the word summer, we would surely get very different answers. The reason why is very simple: each olfactory memory is unique and, precisely for this reason, at The Alchemist Atelier we have made possible what until now was only fantasy: each person can make fully personalized perfumes in just a few minutes, from home.

All this thanks to the Scent Creator, a perfume atelier that lets you create fragrances that smell exactly like your summer, and that allow you to evoke, if you wish, the memories of your childhood summers.

How to make a summer perfume with the Scent Creator

Bringing together their years of knowledge and experience, the best perfumers in the world have gathered together for The Alchemist Atelier an exceptional selection of scents, which consists of 16 bases and 18 accords.

The bases are literally the 'base' on which you will build your fragrance. They are the ideal creative canvas, as they’re not dominated by any specific ingredient or particular note.

For their part, the accords are designed to complement the bases and give personality to each perfume, accentuating a specific olfactory aspect in a fragrance. Unlike bases, accords do present a pure main ingredient.

When creating your fragrance, our experts recommend using 1 or 2 bases and pairing them with 2 or 3 accords. However, the Scent Creator offers you endless possibilities for experimentation, so the only limit is your imagination.

The Scent Library of The Alchemist Atelier includes scents that can evoke all kinds of summer memories, like sea breeze (Marine Breeze), lavender fields (Relaxing Aromatic) or even the freshness of jasmine (Jasmine Floral).

What bases should I use to create a summer fragrance?

To design a fresh fragrance you can use citrus bases such as Citrus Zesty, Juicy Citrus, or Green Citrus, ideal for their dynamism and lightness.

Also, Relaxing Aromatic, dominated by the scent of lavender and with the depth of cedar wood, is a fresh and relaxing base, perfect for making men's summer fragrances.

If you’re looking for something even more summery, you can go to the beach with Exotic Floral, a base with a solar effect, or even evoke the sea breeze by opting for Marine Breeze.  

Another possibility is Fresh Wood, swapping out the beach for the forest to festoon yourself in its dry and earthy tones.

What accords can I use to create a summer fragrance?

As for the accords, you can choose those that have a greater impact on the top notes, such as citruses, aromatics, greens and marines, to give your composition some fresh vibes.

For their part, heart accords, like the floral, fruity and spicy ones, will help you customize the formula for your summer fragrance.

Discover now how easy it is to design fragrances for summer with the Scent Creator and uncover the magic of perfumery.