Express your love for dad

When it comes to emotions, we believe that perfume is the most direct way to a man´s heart. Fragrance can bring back those indelible childhood memories with your father.

June 11, 2020

When it comes to emotions, perfume is the most direct way to a man’s heart. Fragrance can bring back the sweetness of a kiss, the pleasant smell of a bouquet and the vividness of those indelible childhood memories. 

For proof, look no further than Mistral, Daddy's Aftershave and SuperDad, three fragrances made by perfumers from The Alchemist Atelier (Louise, Samantha and Victoire) to celebrate Father’s Day.

The three fragrances are born from emotional memories that have taken form as unique gifts thanks to the Scent Creator, an atelier that lets you create personalized perfumes with infinite possibilities for experimentation.

The first of these, Mistral, is a composition named after the wind. It’s no accident since Victoire designed it evoking a summer day with her father in a house near the French town of Aix-en-Provence. There, while sipping a gin and tonic in the middle of the afternoon, the mistral wind began to blow, carrying with it the scent of lavender from a neighbouring field. Soon after, when the temperature began to cool, Victoire and her dad put on their leather jackets to taste their cocktails while enjoying a beautiful natural spectacle: the twilight colouring the Sainte Victoire mountain, that jagged peak that Cézanne immortalized so many times with his brushes.

Leather and lavender are some of the scents that star in Mistral. Do you want to see the exact formula? Here you can discover it.

Daddy's Aftershave, meanwhile, arises from an everyday memory, but it’s no less emotional. It’s inspired by a farewell, a clean and fresh scent that remains in Samantha’s memory, a memory of those kisses her dad would give her right after getting ready to go to work. Daddy's Aftershave is a fresh fragrance with marine touches. In it, you can sense the clean notes of lavender and the refinement of cedar wood and tonka bean. All these scents, carefully calibrated by Samantha, demonstrate how the magic of perfumery can also use an everyday memory to create a comforting and reassuring fragrance. Discover its formula here.

Lastly, SuperDad is, in the words of Louise, its creator, “an invisible disguise” to show the world some of the traits that forged her dad’s personality, such as strength, courage and kindness, or, as she defines, the superpowers of her particular superhero. This fragrance is, therefore, an excellent example of how the Scent Creator lets you create unique perfumes capable of evoking personal memories and telling stories without the need of words. Discover the formula used by Louise to design SuperDad here.

Three personalized perfumes, three unique stories that you can learn about at our Atelier in Paris or through our app. If you don’t already have it, download it (Android/iOS) to discover, recreate and, if you’d like, modify any of the three formulas.

Is there a better gift than a personalized perfume to express our love for dad?