Exploring new hobbies

We often hear about innovation, but when was the last time you did something completely new? Explore a new hobby!

September 01, 2020

Exploring new hobbies

We often hear about innovation, but in reality, when was the last time you did something completely new?

Do you remember that childhood feeling of opening up a new game and spending hours exploring all its possibilities?

The big question is: Why do we forget to play games as adults? Or better yet: Why do we ignore the benefits of taking time for yourself to discover new hobbies?

Spending time on hobbies helps us disconnect and reduce the levels of stress and anxiety that are so common these days. It lets us enjoy those moments of calm at home, at the end of the workday, before the kids get back from school.


Have you ever considered the possibility of designing your own perfume at home ?

Today you can do it in a way that’s both easy and fun. We promise you it’s an exciting hobby that gets its start at the precise moment when a particular smell inspires a certain fragrance. The experience continues as you immerse yourself in the exciting creative process of combining different scents to give the perfume extremely subtle nuances. Without a doubt, the most magical moment is when your creation becomes reality: a personalized perfume that you can wear whenever you want or turn it into a unique gift.






"Spending time on hobbies helps us disconnect (...). It lets us enjoy those moments of calm at home, at the end of the workday (...)."





Just like a painter standing before a blank canvas or a musician beginning a new score, you will see an infinite creative path open before you, where the only limit is your imagination.Using the Scent Creator, The Alchemist Atelier’s perfume atelier, you can enjoy this exciting process at home. You can seek out infinite possibilities when combining scents, growing your passion for perfumery even more.

The Scent Creator has managed to simplify a process that until now was extremely complex: designing personalized fragrances anytime, anywhere. Having it at home means you can incorporate your passion for perfume into your daily life. In other words, you can transform your home into a small DIY perfumery!


How to go about creating personalized perfumes?

Do you want to know how to get started in this new hobby and, most importantly, how exactly to go about creating personalized perfumes? Easy peasy. Take note of these tips:

1. Flex your creativity by designing fragrances to suit particular moods or special occasions. You can also create fragrances for your loved ones by evoking a shared moment.

2. Share your formulas with The Alchemist Atelier’s vibrant online community. Posting your creations—and receiving inspirational ideas from other perfume lovers around the world—will motivate you to continue designing unique fragrances and perfecting your incredible skills every day.

3. Find inspiration in your surroundings. Like the Impressionist painters, who went out into the field to be inspired and sketch out the creations that they finalized in their studios, try to stay alert and experience the world around you. Interpreting your surroundings from an olfactory perspective will surprise you, as you find beauty in the most everyday things. What does an afternoon in the park with a friend or a sunset in front of the sea smell like? Take mental notes of all of it and design fragrances inspired by your own life. There can be no creations more beautiful and authentic than this!

Discover the creator in you. Join the perfume revolution and make magic an everyday experience.

What are you waiting for?