Choosing your scents has never been so easy

We shed some light on the best ways to find the right scents for your own bespoke fragrance. 

December 23, 2020

Choosing your scents has never been so easy.


The sense of smell is strictly related to countless cultural references that you acquire unconsciously throughout your life. Without noticing, you identify a scent as fresh or warm, sophisticated or spontaneous, masculine or feminine, the same way as our society associates blue with baby boys and pink with baby girls.


But if assigning colors to gender feels so outdated, shouldn’t we think exactly the same way about smells? Did you know that despite lavender being considered a masculine note in Europe, in Brazil it is predominantly used for fragrances targeted to a female audience?


Beyond gender, perfumes evoke emotions that are strictly personal and influenced by memories and experiences. A single ingredient expresses completely different feelings to different people. Here is the magic of perfume making, the art of expressing sensations exquisitely and subtly yet enabling infinite interpretations.


If perfume does not follow the rules, how should I pick the ingredients to create my own fragrances without guidance?


The answer is that nobody knows you better than you know yourself, and, of course, this applies to the art of perfume making. But getting to know you (in relation to perfumery) is not always as easy as it might seem, and it will require some experimentation on the field.


At The Alchemist Atelier, we believe that everyone should be able to create perfumes as unique as they are. We see perfumery as a creative canvas with no right or wrong, but different emotions and memories to express with each perfume maker's particular vision and experience.


After years of exploring the world of perfumes, we can say that learning about perfumery has only one secret: being exposed to different ingredients to identify which are your preferences. Acknowledging them is the first milestone of the journey of perfume creation.


How can I start learning which are the right ingredients for me?


This is a frequent question we receive from perfume lovers who decide to embark on the adventure of perfume creation. For this reason, our perfumers have developed different sets of scents that will ease the departure of your journey.


Your decision has never been so easy. No matter if you pick the set of 6, 18, or 34 scents, you will have the predominant olfactive families covered in each set, and moreover, the scents included complement each other perfectly. The Essential Six is the ideal selection to get started, while The Master Eighteenth is the set for those who want a more comprehensive variety of scents. As we know that some of you want to have it all, The Deluxe Thirty-four includes the full permanent scent library of The Alchemist Atelier.


Will the scents included in the sets become my signature ones?


Maybe yes, or perhaps not. What we know for sure is that they will be just like the primary colors of a painter's palette, the perfect vehicle to start exploring multiple ingredient combinations and getting to know your perfume preferences.