Because your dad is creative too

June 08, 2020

Often, when we talk about fatherhood, we overlook a set of traits that many dads have as part of their personality, like creativity, sensitivity, or a taste for not settling for the conventional but choosing the road less travelled by instead.

Don’t you think the time has come to give your dad something that will make him as excited as when he was little?

At The Alchemist Atelier, where we stand up for each person’s uniqueness, we have the perfect gift for dads who nurture creativity by exploring their environment through the senses. We’re talking about dads who can appreciate the harmony of a piano composition, a poem, or a recipe made with care.

Aware that each person is unique, we designed the Scent Creator, a perfume atelier that lets you create fully personalized fragrances from home in just a few minutes.

If your dad likes to explore new latitudes and feels at home wherever he goes, if he is passionate about perfumes and likes to tell stories without resorting to words, the Scent Creator is the perfect gift for him.

Surprise him on June 21 and awaken his most creative side. Have him join the perfume revolution and uncover the magic by creating fragrances born from his own imagination, or inspired by olfactory memories—like that lavender field you visited together, the smell that remains after the rain, or the freshness of the sea breeze of those unforgettable summers.

The possibilities of exploration with the Scent Creator are infinite. Our scent library made up of 16 bases and 18 accords, has been made by the best perfumers in the world so that anyone, regardless of their previous knowledge, can enjoy the most exciting part of perfumery.

If your dad is creative and appreciates exclusivity, this June 21st  give him a new way of expressing himself through perfume. Also, this way you’ll have a good excuse to visit him every time you need a new fragrance.