Awaken your senses for Spring

Join our professional perfumer Louise Pujol as she creates stunning spring perfume, perfect for this new season.

March 30, 2020

Step into the new season with an exceptional Spring Fragrance!

Join our in-house Perfume Alchemist Louise Pujol as she creates a stunning perfume, perfect for the most exhilarating of season changes.

Louise chose four of our gorgeous Scent cartridges - two complex, sophisticated bases for the foundation, and two accords that scream Springtime. Watch the video here and read on to discover why these Scents are perfect for Spring, and how they combine, as well as how you can produce your own totally unique Spring Fragrance.

I love Springtime. More than any other change of season, Spring transforms the world around us, and it’s suddenly full of colour, fragrance and intensity. Walking to our Atelier in Paris, it’s like the city has woken up and is ready to put on its very best face and see the world!

For me, a perfect Spring fragrance can be very simple. It’s the time of year when you can be bold: Intense florals; lush, clean, crisp mineral notes and perfumes with unusually high proportions of citrus and fruit or flowers work really well at this time of year.

Using our Discovery Kit, you can narrow down our 34 Scent Library to the ones you want to experiment with. I chose Green and Juicy Citrus, Exotic and Pink Floral, Blooming Floral and Moss Chypre as bases to play with, and Cut Green Grass, Marine Breeze, Rose Floral, Bergamot, Orange Blossom and Yellow Fruits as my accords. 

Once you have your Scent Cartridges loaded into your at-home Scent Creator, you can experiment and play. I narrowed my fragrance down to just four perfectly balanced ingredients - Juicy Citrus and Pink floral for the base, and Orange Blossom and Marine Breeze for character.

Perfume is so, so personal! I love being able to make my fragrance exactly the way I want it. I played with the proportions on the app until the balance of spicy, vibrant citrus and lush, soft floral were really intoxicating. The Orange Blossom I added gives it such a zing, and I know it will turn heads, and the touch of Marine Breeze cuts through the sweetness with a refreshing, cleaning note like a cool breeze on a warm day.

Find my formula on the TAA club app, and add your own!