An expert guide to creating and gifting perfect personal perfumes.

Professional perfumer Louise talks about the importance of gifting, and the best ways to gift perfectly unique and personal fragrances. 

November 27, 2019

For more than 5,000 years, people have been making and gifting perfume to mark special occasions. Today, technology means you can create gifts that are unique, personalized and more special than ever before.


Many of our customers at The Alchemist Atelier are especially excited about gifting personal fragrances to friends and family, and our exclusive Scent Creator makes it simple and enjoyable to experiment and blend perfumes that make unforgettable gifts.


I have spent years making my own perfumes, as well as creating individual blends for my friends and family. I love advising our clients on experimenting and creating gifts. Here are my top recommendations for making and gifting perfume, even for the most discerning perfume lover!


Do your research

There are plenty of subtle ways to find out what suits someone or what somebody loves in terms of fragrances. It is as simple as asking them what scents they enjoy – which olfactory families (sweet, floral, woody, etc.) they like or which seasons they love the most. You can even see which perfumes they wear, and ask a Perfume Alchemist like me about the hero ingredients.


A great way to do this would be to bring them to a Discovery Workshop or invite them to your home to use the Scent Creator and use our Discovery Kit of bases and accords, which comes free with your Scent Creator, to find out what they respond best to.


Use your intuition

Taking their taste in perfume into consideration will help you make something you know they’ll like. But it’s also up to you to choose, especially if they don’t have a strongly defined taste in fragrances. A lot of people love to be surprised, and you should trust your knowledge of fragrances to make something they might not have thought of themselves.


Remember, gifts are very personal, and this gift comes from you, so it’s as much about your idea of perfume for them as it is about them.


Add something special

A great way of making sure they feel good wearing your perfume gift is to avoid fragrances that vary a lot depending on the wearer. In my experience, it’s very common that a gifted perfume will be for special or occasional use, rather than for everyday wear. That’s why it’s a wonderful opportunity to create distinctive, unusual fragrances that are bold and special.


Our accord range includes some incredible scents and experimenting with the ratios until you find something remarkable will lead to a really exciting fragrance that anyone can wear when they want to stand out.