Welcome to the Alchemist Atelier

We believe that anyone, anywhere can create a fragrance as unique as they are.


Creating a unique perfume has never been so easy

The best perfumers in the world have joined forces with the most innovative technology to bring the extraordinary into the realm of the possible: creating unique fragrances from home.


The only limit is your imagination

Our scent library, made up of 16 bases and 18 accords, will allow you to explore, develop and create exclusive fragrances. The possibilities, like your creativity, are endless.


The Scent Creator

Our perfume atelier will let you design and create customized fragrances from home. You can load it with up to twelve 20 ml scent cartridges and adjust the proportions down to the millimeter through The Alchemist Atelier’s innovative app. Explore the infinite combinations the Scent Creator offers you, the essential tool every perfume lover would like to have at home.

350.00 EUR / 324.00 GBP

Pay in 6 installments starting at 58 EUR / month (54 GBP / month).

The Scents

Drawing from years of knowledge, the best perfumers in the world have redefined perfume creation, bringing together an exceptional selection of scents just for you. Experiment with the bases and accords to make high-quality perfumes from your imagination. Evoke unique sensations and bring them to life as unforgettable gifts.

The Workshops

Discover the secrets of perfume making by booking an online or in-person workshop at our Atelier in Paris. With the help of our perfumers, you’ll explore our exclusive scent library and discover how easy it is to create high-quality personalized perfumes with the Scent Creator.

The Blog

Discover inspiring ideas and stories from other alchemists like you who are passionate about the fascinating process of creating unique perfumes.